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Pegador (Dusseldorf, 2014)

We founded our high fashion collective with two key aspects in mind; to respect the true identities and serve the passionate.

Our collective offers unique styles from high end street wear to quality basics, inspired by the creative now and the past proven.
In terms of style Pegador dresses the cool, the bad & the  dark…

The Pegador collections are already worn by a big international group of people vary from; famous sport stars, fashion bloggers and stylists, and lots of other celebrities.

All of our own collections and a wide range of carefully selected additional brands are available in both, our own online store and a large number of premium stores, as well as in our own high fashion design stores established Germany.
In the near future other fashion initiatives and groundbreaking collaborations will come your way so be on the look out for much more!
the desire to inspire.

Pegador Concept Store Nürnberg

Pegador Concept Store Nürnberg

Pegador Concept Store
Schlotfegergasse 34
90402 Nürnberg

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